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Primary Care

Primary Care is Real Medicine

Primary care services cover a range of prevention, wellness and treatment for common illnesses. Your primary care provider at Grey Matters will maintain a long-term relationship with you and your family, advising on and treating your overall health-related issues.

The most effective primary care is proactive – assessing your health and managing your health concerns and risk factors as part of your overall care.

We know that many chronic conditions are reversible with simple changes in lifestyle. That’s why we also offer advanced testing for cardiac, metabolic and brain health to identify your risks, so that you can make changes BEFORE disease occurs. This includes your detailed family and health histories, advanced lab work, and imaging studies like coronary artery calcification scores or MRI volumetric analysis of brains.

We also offer traditional primary care services, ranging from minor trauma like sprains, simple fractures and lacerations to acute infections of the upper respiratory, gastrointestional, and genitourinary tracts. We also treat skin and soft tissue infections, abscesses and wounds.

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