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Precision Brain Health

You Can Prevent, Delay or Even Reverse Cognitive Decline

If you are at risk, are concerned about or have been diagnosed with some form of cognitive decline, it’s not too late – despite what conventional medicine says.

Grey Matters focuses on the underlying causes of dementia while integrating precision brain health in a program of overall health.

  • Evidence-based primary care – Treating your total health including diabetes, vascular disease and other underlying medical conditions.
  • Healthy interventions – Such as lifestyle modifications, personalized nutrition plans, stress management techniques and actions that promote cognitive vitality and healthy independence.

This is real medicine for a healthy brain and body.

To Have A Healthy Body, You Need A Healthy Brain

If you want to avoid cognitive decline or have already been diagnosed, we want to manage your brain health. We combine primary care with evidence-based protocols to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other cognitive issues.

What we’ll do:

A full assessment of your brain’s health. You’ll complete a series of tests and screenings to identify your risk factors for cognitive decline, creating a baseline for your treatment progress.

What you’ll get:

A personalized care plan with solutions and next steps for improving the health of your brain. We’ll ensure you have the resources, tools and ongoing support to achieve your personal care plan. Through routine visits and check-ins, our team will assess your progress and adjust your plan as needed during your brain health journey.

We manage your total medical care including prevention, treatment and reversal of cognitive impairment to help you maintain your overall health and improve independence.

What Does Grey Matters Do?

At Grey Matters, we combine primary care and evidence-based protocols in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other cognitive decline issues to offer a solution for optimizing brain health. Grey Matters’ approach is based on research pioneered by Dale Bredesen, M.D., Neurologist, which identified multiple factors contributing to Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline.

How Can Grey Matters Help Me?

Grey Matters was established to effectively address cognitive health using primary care and the Bredesen protocols as a solution to delay and/or prevent cognitive decline. At Grey Matters, combining Dr. Bredesen’s protocols combined with primary care offers the opportunity for patients to maintain or improve their brain health and live a longer, more independent life.

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